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Shark finning

 August 2013 News Media Release on Shark finning

NZSA Website:  www.sharkalliance.org.nz

The New Zealand Underwater Association (NZUA) is full of praise at India’s decision to ban shark finning. The NZUA has spent many frustrating years trying to get New Zealand fishery to stop the practice of shark finning at sea and still the Ministry of Primary Industry fails to act. So much so, that the NZUA is now part of a collective ‘New Zealand Shark Alliance’ who are jointly working together for a solution. “We shouldn’t be in this position – the decision to ban shark finning at sea should have been ratified years ago – it’s totally embarrassing for everyone concerned” said Mike Percy who heads the NZUA Environmental Section.

Recreational scuba divers have a close and deep respect for sharks.  There is no other recreation entity that comes as close to an interaction with sharks. Underwater is our environment and we want a say in the management of all New Zealand shark species. The Ministry of Primary Industries is again out of order – look at the Snapper 1 issue with proposed changes to recreational fishing allowance to only three snapper.

The NZUA in its submission reject all three options. It seems that all logical thinking has completely gone out of the window purely for greater financial gain. It’s time that the people of New Zealand have a greater say in how our marine environment /resources are managed.  The current decision making process is not working and blatantly favours the larger commercial fishing sector.

 *The NZUA is currently sponsoring Riley Elliot’s ‘Blue Sharking Tagging Project’ – where’s Hannah (2.3 metre female) visit http://www.facebook.com/nzunderwater?ref=hl  

 Mike Percy

A letter has been sent to the Minister of Primary Industries, David Carter, requesting a meeting to discuss the issues. Copies have also been sent Gareth Hughes (Green Party), Shane Jones (Labour Party) and Pita Sharples (Maori Party). All stakeholders agree that the fisheries regulations governing shark finning must change. This is not a fisheries management issue but a concern held by a large number of the community over what they perceive as a fisheries practice that is totally unacceptable.

The NZUA is full of praise to the editor of Dive New Zealand Magazine for his commitment to stop shark finning in New Zealand. People should realise that Dave Moran has put in over ten years graft on this worthy cause, let alone the letters he has written over the years to different Government Ministers – good on ya mate!

Update (October 2013)

Recent Research has highlighted how far behind NZ is in relation to the banning of this most despicable practice.

A report from the NZ Shark Alliance has shown how over 100 countries have at least some form of protection in place to Stop this practice.

In the Pacific, NZ is behind.. Australia, Cook Islands, Samoa (and American Samoa), Vanuatu, something New Zealand should be 100% embarrassed about. For NZ to represent 100 % Pure and allow this practice is hypoctitical.

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